Maria and Alex Smalley, the artists behind Circle To Square, first met while snorkeling in South East Asia. Their music blends alternative pop with experimental sound design, viewing art as both an end in itself and a vital means of expression. This perspective drives them to explore diverse creative styles, transcending conventional genre boundaries and crafting immersive, varied experiences that take the listener on a unique artistic journey.

Maria's roots can be traced to the German DIY band circuit, where she served as the former lead singer of Chapeau Claque, performing alongside acts like Kraftwerk and Massive Attack. In contrast, Alex has crafted numerous albums of Neo-Classical music under the names Olan Mill and Pausal, performing with artists like Stars of the Lid and working with Nils Frahm.
The music of Circle To Square has been described as epic yet intimate. Maria's voice melds a familiar vulnerability with an optimistic female strength, while Alex provides a foundation of physical percussion and energetic ambient textures. On EP1, the band invited Guatemalan cellist Mabi Fratti to balance and expand the project's electronics with more organic textures.

The project delves into themes of love, connection, inclusion, psychonautic journeys, and nature. Their sound draws from a wide range of influences, evoking comparisons to artists such as Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Autechre and Kate Bush.